FP Markets offers a wide of Index products with competitive pricing. Index products are a measure of a parcel of financial instruments performances. Most index product combines major stocks on an exchange and measure their performance as a whole to give a broad look at the whole markets performance rather than being stock specific.

Index CFDs suit traders for either hedging purposes or for those who do not wish to take a stance on a specific stock but a market in general. Another advantage is that Index product nearly trade 24 hours. Most consist of two small breaks a day but will trade continuously through until the weekend where they are close Saturday and Sunday.

FP Markets CFDs on Indices

In keeping with our strong belief in transparency, FP Markets also offers Index Futures CFDs. FP Markets provide our clients price feeds directly from these leading Australian and global futures markets. A list of the futures exchanges we provide access to via our Index CFDs are:

  • ASX 24 (previously Sydney Futures Exchange)
  • NYSE e.g. S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ
  • CME

How Index CFDs Work

Index CFDs track a parcel of equities on any one exchange and their performance. As an example take the ASX 200 CFD. In this case FP Markets’ prices quoted will match the underlying price of the SPI traded on ASX 24. The ASX 200 CFD contract tracks the performance of the top 200 stocks on the ASX. You could buy a ASX 200 CFD contract if you thought the ASX 200 would go up or you could sell it if you believe the market will go down. Each point the index goes in your favour you gain $10 and each point the index goes against you the loss will be $10.