IRESSTrader & MT4 (Forex) – Free Demo Platforms

FP Markets would like to offer you FREE trading demo’s of our two most popular trading platforms, IRESSTrader for most CFDs and Metatrader 4 for Forex, Metals and Index CFDs. Please fill out the forms provided.

1. IRESSTrader

Get your free FREE 14 DAY TRADING DEMO of our CFD platform IRESSTrader.

IRESSTrader is an online and fully dynamic trading platform with access to full transparency to the underlying market (where there is an underlying exchange upon which an asset is traded) for a wide range of CFD products. Alerts, charting, portfolio updates and streaming news are also real-time for all traders. Gain access to our demo platform to assess the functionality, look and feel of IRESSTrader.

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Get your free FREE 30 DAY TRADING DEMO of our Forex platform MT4.

MT4 is the world’s most popular forex trading platform and experience the benefits of tight spreads, no hidden charges and exceptional service offered by FP Markets. FP Markets also offers its Metals and Index CFDs on this trading platform.

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System Requirements


The application requires a Pentium3 500MHZ class machine with a minimum of 256MB RAM.

Operating System and Browser

The application runs on any operating system that supports the following browsers with Java enabled:

Network Connection

A network connection quality of a 56k modem or above is required. Broadband is highly recommended.