Developed by our team of senior market analysts, FP Markets eBooks are designed to give traders an edge. Whether you are looking for information about strategies, analysis, products or markets we have the ebook that is right for you.

General Education

  • Avoid CFD Mistakes Guide

    FP Markets houses some of Australia’s biggest professional CFD traders, and with their help, we have developed a guide that will make sure you as a trader have the best head start.

  • 3 Essential strategies we’ve learnt from our most experienced traders

    Get your trading on track is the first in our Experienced Traders series. Master the tools that every experienced trader needs to succeed. Learn how to map out market outcomes, construct trades using proven risk management and use expectancy to evaluate your trades.

CFD Traders Strategy Series

  • Spot Opportunities in Volatile Markets

    The first of the series, this eBook is designed to help you spot opportunities and identify trends when markets are volatile and difficult to predict.

  • Technical Analysis

    The second in the series, this eBook is designed to provide you with a guide to some of the technical and charting tools used by the best traders to maximise returns and minimise errors.

  • Fundamental Trading

    The third in the series, this eBook is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the interrelationship between the global economy and markets.