Live webinars

At FP Markets we are committed to educating our clients. We have a variety of services available ranging from eBooks, Daily Market Reports and Live Webinars, all of which are part of our complimentary service.  The live webinars are in place to answer common questions asked by clients and to also provide a platform for traders to use as a portal of information to return to.  There are regular webinars we run along with special events and guest speakers across a range of topics. Its a good idea to check back in regularly to make sure you dont miss out on some useful sessions.

We would like to offer a FREE 30 minute live webinar which demonstrates the many advantages of our IRESSTrader platform. An experienced staff member will guide you through everything you need to know about it.

To register simply navigate to the appropriate webinar via the calendar below and click the register button.

Webinar Calendar

Join the FP Markets Insight team every Monday at 09:30 am to go through key technical indicators that give an insight into the week ahead. The FP Markets Insight team is comprised of a group of Research Analysts that strive to deliver practical analysis for traders.

What will the webinar cover?

Many people talk about the ‘why’ of trading techniques, this webinar focuses on the ‘how’.

1. Identify the key ratios and understand their significance

2. Simple applications for applying Fibonacci to your trading

3. Pinpoint pull back entry levels using key retracement levels

4. Look at multiple Fibonacci extension techniques to identify potential reversal levels

5. High probability entries – Trading Fobonacci retracements and extensions

6. A look back at key Fibonacci levels which pinpointed some major reversals in 2016

7. Live trading examples