Forex Slippage Policy

Forex slippage is extremely common in the forex trading world, but is usually tied with negative connotations. However, while the experience can be bad if it goes against you, at FP Markets Forex there is a realization that slippage can also be highly profitable for traders.

So what exactly is slippage?

In general, slippage refers to the difference between a pending order or trade and the price that the order was filled or executed.

Meanwhile, a gap in the market refers to breaks between chart prices which take place when product prices sharply move upwards or down without trades occurring – usually when a market shuts at a rate that’s different to when it reopens.

Generally, there are two different types of slippage:

  • When a gap occurs: either during the weekend or following a major news event such as an interest rate decision.
  • When prices are clicked on: it could make a substantial change in the time it takes to reach a broker or an executing bank

How does FP Markets treat slippage?

FP Markets Forex treats all slippage scenarios exactly the same way to help ensure there is a benefit for all of its clients. This means they will be treated in just the same way as they would be on the Futures market or on the Exchange Traded Share.

In each case, FP Markets Forex gives its clients a better price when an interbank market that FP Markets Forex takes its prices from moves in favour of the client: but by the same condition, there will be a worse price for the client if the market has not moved in their favour. All price differences will reflect slippage rates that FP Markets Forex picks up as the leading aggregated price from across its list of liquidity providers.

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