VPS Built In

FP Markets has partnered with TradersColo and BeeksFX VPS, to provide a customized low latency solution for our traders. The FP Markets Edition VPS seamlessly connects traders to the Equinix NY4 grid using cutting edge technology.

This server side solution includes state of the art hardware and virtualization technology delivering a solution without the cost or complexity of trading clustering solutions. The core infrastructure is housed in the Equinix New York Data Center, benefiting Active and Algorithmic (EA) traders.

If you are running EAs, it is vital that your platform is connected to our servers 24 hours a day. Using a VPS solution reduces any concerns about your computer shutting down, broadband not being available or even dropping coffee on your computer! The key benefits to a VPS are:

Always On

The VPS runs all day, every day. That means you should never miss your target price.

Remote Access

You can always access your VPS. There are two main options for this. Firstly, you can get access through the standard windows Remote Desktop Connection software. This gives you full access to the server and enables you to set-up your EAs as well as install any other useful services that sit alongside MT4. The second option is to monitor your account in real time using our mobile platform. We believe this may be a more convenient method to monitor your VPS while on the move.

Lower Latency

By using a professional data centre, it is very likely that the data connection speed can be faster than your home broadband. That could mean your execution speed is better than you are able to get at home. We have selected a provider located close to our own MT4 servers to maximise the speed of your trading.

Reduce Power Bills

Because the VPS is running in a data centre, you don’t have to leave your computer on at home which means that you can turn off all your devices at home while still being safe in the knowledge that your trading strategies are continuing.

Select one of partners below to receive a VPS Solution from as little as $25 per month.


FP Markets is directly connected with TradersColo, delivering a fibre optic cross connect within Equinix New York. Trade on bleeding edge solutions deployed using VMWare, FlashArray and Dell PowerEdge solutions, you can expect the best in VPS solutions.
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FP Markets has partnered with BeeksFX, a VPS service based in Equinix New York. One of the industry leaders, BeeksFX has the latest infrastructure in place delivering low cost, maximum performance and low latency connectivity giving traders the edge you need.
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FP Markets has partnered with CNS Commercial Network Services, a cutting edge VPS service provider based in Equinix New York and London. One of the industry leaders, they cater for brokers and traders in all financial markets and pride themselves in offering optimized, safe and secure VPS solutions.  Delivering fast and reliable networks, traders can rely on this low latency connectivity giving traders the edge they need 24 hours a day.
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