2 years ago

Spark Trading Platform Part 3 - How to use Delta Smart lists

Spark’s ‘ Delta Smartlists’ are an ideal tool for generating trade ideas intraday. In this video, Bryce demonstrates how to customise a Delta Smartlist.

Watch the video here

If youre unfamilar with the Spark system we have an introductory video here

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Why should you use Spark?

– Spark visualises the momentum of supply and demand

– This visualisation gives short term traders and edge equivalent to what candle stick charts did for technicians

– Smart lists that are truly smart – offering the ability to filter what is happening in real time on all the necessary variables

– Tickers that are like having eyes on the market, giving users meaningful, tailored information

– Spark’s unique multi desktop, multi panel interface allows users to monitor multiple stocks and markets with unparalleled ease

– Every feature and tool works in an intuitive manner that can be learned and understood quickly